What You Need To Know About Dianabol

Dianabol, also known as d-bol, is an anabolic steroid that is renowned in the bodybuilding world. It was introduced in the late 1950s, and since then, is known as one of the most significant steroids to hit the market. It was designed with athletes in mind and even with newer steroids around, dbol for sale is still a highly popular choice.

Dianabol Origins

Scientifically known as Methandrostenolone, it was developed by Ciba Pharmaceuticals in 1958, with the help of U.S. Olympic team doctor, Dr. John Ziegler. Previously, the Russians were dominating world sports due to the use of testosterone. Ziegler wanted a safer alternative that had more targeted results. He also wanted something that was created specifically to enhance an athlete’s performance, and d-bol was born.

Dbol Benefits

Dianabol was designed to give an athlete the same benefits of testosterone in a fast-acting manner without as many of the androgenic effects, which results in a gain of physical strength, stamina and lean muscle mass. The body’s ability to retain nitrogen is greatly enhanced while on dianabol, due to its anabolic nature. This process is needed to build muscles and protein at the cellular level. Not only does it improve nitrogen retention, but also boosts protein creation within the body which means you will adjust more quickly to an increased workload with less fatigue.

When on dianabol for at least six weeks, an athlete can expect to gain about two to four pounds in lean muscle mass each week. D-bol is most commonly found as an oral steroid and most effective when stacked with other injectable steroids.

Side Effects

Dianabol is not without its side effects and users should be aware of warning signs and possible effects from taking dbol such as liver toxicity, suppression of natural testosterone production and conversion to estradiol. While dianabol is not known as the most dangerous steroid, the side effects can be harmful to your health and long-term. While Ciba Pharmaceuticals went to great lengths to reduce the androgenic effects of dbol, they have not been completely eliminated. Androgenic effects include rapid hair loss, acne, excessive body hair and oily skin. Due to the high estrogenic composition of dianabol, users may also experience estrogenic effects such as enlarged breasts and high water retention. The water retention can be severe and occur seemingly overnight. The biggest risk of increased water retention is high blood pressure and can lead to serious health problems if not addressed.

Dbol For Sale

Dianabol is one of the most easily accessible and readily available steroids on the market. Although it is not manufactured in the U.S. , there are numerous places that sell it online. You can also find completely safe and legal alternatives as well.